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Jmicro makes 'Transparent Conductive Film' embedded with 'fine metal mesh'

  • High transmittance (90% above)

  • High conductivity (sheet resistance 0.3ohms/sq)

  • Low haze (1~2%)

  • Anti-starburst and moire


Transparent Heating Film

  • It is a product that can simultaneously perform functions such as removing fog and heating without disturbing view.

  • It can be applied to various fields such as automobiles, building glass, CCTV cameras, and helmets.

  • Jmicro's film maintains energy efficiency even in large areas, with low sheet resistance.

Transparent antenna film

  • It is a ‘transparent substrate’ type and can be applied to various places such as buildings and automobile glass.

  • It enables IoT and autonomous driving smoothly under 5G.

  • Jmicro has completed development with 'Sensorview', a Korean antenna company, and has completed actual field tests.

Smart Glass for Mobility

  • Antenna, heat generation, and information transfer can be implemented simultaneously in one glass

  • It can be applied to various fields such as automobiles and building glass.

  • It was selected as "excellent technology" at "Tech Day" hosted by Hyundai Motor.



2022. 07 'Smart Glass for mobility' selected as 33 excellent technologies in 'Hyundai Motors Tech Day'

2019. 06 Completed Joint development of 'transparent antenna film for indoor’ with ‘Sensorview’


2021. 10 Started national R&D project (R&D on Future Cars , 2 year)

2021. 10 Joint development of heating glass for automobiles began in collaboration with a Korean auto parts


2021. 03 Joint development of 'transparent antenna film for indoor’ begun in collaboration with ‘Sensorview’

2019 ~ 2020

2020. 01 Participated in CES in the U.S.

2019. 10 Selected for the TIPS Project by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups

2019. 04 Won a prize at SKC Startup Plus and jointly developed

~ 2018

2018. 03 Selected as an organizing institution for the 2018 Start-up Growth Technology Development Project by

the Ministry of SMEs and Startups

2017. 10 Established

2015. 03 Won 1st place at the KAIST Startup Competition

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